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Smerwick On Site offers audit and consulting services as the need arises, or as a part of your Maintenance Contract.

Personalized audit

When we want to assess your IT organization, we meet face to face and establish a real dialog in order to understand:

  • your business
  • your existing IT infrastructure
  • your needs

Realistic consulting

15 years of experience working for SMEs allow us to provide you with the best solutions:

  • solutions that are clever,
  • solutions that we can deploy quickly,
  • solutions that have proven to be efficient,
  • solutions that are in line with your budget

All you can expect from a top professional IT expert and service provider and more. The patient & friendly touch that makes all the difference. Always available and eager to dispense well attentioned advice & share experience. With Smerwick On Site IT is not a worry anymore.

Audit as an on-going process

One key advantage of Smerwick On Site is its ability to regularly step back and look at your company’s IT infrastructure as a whole. We constantly find ways to improve your system’s efficiency and insure our long-term customers always run an optimal IT system.
With Smerwick On Site Audit and consulting is not a one-time mission but an on-going process.