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Corporate services for everyone

You wish to change your PC? We install it for you, transfer data from your old machine to the new one, re-setup all your email accounts, printers, etc. Changing PC has never been so easy!

You need a file server, email server, web server, application server? You need to access your data when traveling? Whatever your needs are, we always have a solution for you.

Microsoft and Linux Supported

Smerwick On Site engineers install, support and maintain all OSs from Microsoft, as well as Debian based Linux distributions – mainly Debian and Ubuntu, for both servers and desktops applications.

Data transfer guaranteed from old to new hardware

We guarantee to transfer your old data from old hardware to the new one. Worry free solution, and time saving.

All kind of servers and services

Over the years we had experience working on email servers, DNS servers, web servers, database servers, routers, firewalls, etc. Linux based or Microsoft based. Hardware or software. Whatever your need, we can deliver it.

We work with corporate companies under the authority of their IT department abroad. We work in compliance with their internal procedure, communication made easy thanks to our pluri-cultural and pluri-language team.

To know more about enterprise servers, office workstations setup and integration, please contact us.