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Who’s taking care of your computers?

Printing problem. A virus slowing down your network. An important email unable to be sent. All these daily annoyances damage your company’s productivity. Smerwick On Site provides the best helpdesk solution.

A responsive team

Smerwick On Site aims at solving your IT related problems as fast as possible, with a strong response time commitment. We support you on the phone or remotely through email, instant messaging or remote access software, or simply come to your office.

    • Remote support
    • On site support


Before handing you back your computer, Smerwick On Site engineers make sure you are informed. You know:

    • what went wrong
    • how it was solved
    • how to prevent it from happening again We’re keeping a detailed log of all interventions made.

There is no stupid question

Smerwick On Site engineers do not only solve your IT related issues: if you feel the need to improve your skills, they will happily share their knowledge with you and spend time to make sure you and your coworkers feel confident using your IT systems.


While we trust our helpdesk offers the best IT support solution in town, we believe monitoring should be part of every helpdesk solution, and is always strongly recommended as an option. Please check Monitoring for more.