IT installation for a international company opening its first office in Taiwan

July 30, 2014

A first step into hybrid cloud / local storage solution

Synerject LLC is a Joint Venture of Continental and the Orbital Corporation. It was originally chartered to provide the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Marine, Motorcycle and Recreation industries with gasoline engine management systems and components integrating the products and technologies designed and produced by its parent companies. It has since expanded to other, non automotive, small gasoline engine applications such as those of the Lawn and Garden and Industrial markets.

Synerject opened its first office in Taiwan by the end of 2010 / early 2011. The company decided to head for Taoyuan, a strategic placement that allows to welcome coworkers and visitors from abroad (proximity of Taoyuan Intl Airport), and easy transportation (proximity of Taoyuan HSR station) when meetings with customers are planned in the south of the island.

The warehouse-like office had to be equipped so that a team of 8~10 people could work efficiently. Equipment covers IT in its wider definition: computers as well as telephony. Smerwick On Site and its local partners offered tailored services to Synerject, to deliver a scalable IT system. VOIP integration is made possible thanks to a modular PBX.

Synerject Taiwan works in close relationship with Synerject offices in Toulouse, France, as well as Newport News, VA, USA. File sharing over such a distance is made easy, thanks to a hybrid cloud / local file storage. IT costs are below average because of reduced maintenance (no server – a NAS is used instead. The NAS syncs with the cloud storage).

The beauty of this solution: backups are automated, users on the go have access to their files locally on their computers, synchronizing in real-time with the cloud storage. The icing on the cake? Backups are automatically kept off-site!