IT Outsourcing for an advanced and major telemarketing services provider in Taipei

July 30, 2014

Enspyre is Taiwan’s leading Virtual Office and B2B Telemarketing provider. As such the business depends on its servers for most aspects of its business.

Enspyre’s phone system servers handle both inbound and outbound calls. When a call is received on the E1 line provided by Chung Hwa Telecom, the phone system will recognize the phone number, which agent should answer the call, route the call to that agent’s seat and serve up all relevant information on the agent’s screen. The phone call is digitally recorded so that the customer can later access it via Enspyre’s backend system. Once the call has been processed, the agent will write a log which will automatically be sent to Enspyre’s customer via email and SMS.

Other servers handle fax receiving and forwarding. Of course Enspyre also uses state of the art Active Directory and file servers for internal documents and files. Without these servers up and running 5 days a week, 12 hours a day Enspyre would be crippled: they need access to top IT expertise, which can help them in no time. They naturally turned to Smerwick On Site.

Smerwick On Site monitors and maintains all Enspyre’s servers, making sure they are up to date and running well. Every month Smerwick On Site staff visits Enspyre’s office and goes through each machine to make sure all hardware is functioning properly and that all software is up to date and no viruses have gotten in. Smerwick and Enspyre has also made a long-term upgrade plan that will ensure that the servers will run smoothly also in the future.

Enspyre President Elias Ek :Elias Ek

We are extremely happy with Smerwick On Site and their staff. They are skilled and trustworthy people who we feel comfortable trusting with our mission critical computer equipment. I would recommend them to any company.

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