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For the past 15 years, Smerwick On Site has been providing its customers with state of the art information technology support and maintenance services.

An efficient support for your team

Based in the very heart of Taipei, Smerwick On Site is the best helpdesk solution to support your team in its daily operations. Our engineers use the latest technologies to assist your company: through remote support, by email, instant messenger or on the phone. Or simply on site when the situation requires it. Remote desktop allows for the best response time: you don’t have to wait for us to jump on a mopped to reach your office. In a matter of seconds, we securely access your computer and address your issues.

For situations requiring on site work, our response time is:

  • 2 hours maximum for Taipei City
  • 4 hours maximum for New Taipei City

See our Service Level Agreement for more.

Preventive Maintenance and Monitoring

Solving daily issues is not a goal in itself. At Smerwick On Site we have a broader vision: we want your company to run smooth IT based operations all day long, all year long.
Maintaining your information system in optimal conditions is critical to your business. By monitoring your IT infrastructure, we aim at preventing problems from occurring. We rely on powerful monitoring tools to know in real time what happens. We receive alerts and address them before you realize it.

Take control of your information system with Smerwick On Site