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Have you already run out of hard-drive space? And of course it happened at the wrong time, when you were busy working on that critical project.

Monitoring to prevent problems from occuring

An IT support team can solve problems once they occurred, but what if we could actually prevent problems from happening in the first place? This is what monitoring is all about.

Smerwick On Site uses dedicated tools to monitor your servers and PCs. We know when your hard-drives run out of space, we know when your anti-virus is out-dated, we know when your Internet connection is down, we know when your server is constantly running out of memory and is probably due for an upgrade or a replacement.

Monitor to make sure everything works as planned

How many times did we hear people saying ”My hard-drive is dead, but it’s OK, I still have that old backup” only to realize minutes later that there was no valid backup? Monitoring is not only about resources, it’s also about process: automated tasks are only good as long as they actually work. And to know that, we monitor them.