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Security starts with network management

Smerwick On Site engineers do not only focus on PCs and servers. We have extended knowledge of routers, firewalls, WiFi networks and security threats they represent, network printing, web proxies, VPN (Virtual Private Network). We can boot start your network, or diagnose and improve your existing infrastructure.

A network in every company

While everyone knows a bit about PCs, it’s safe to assume that routers, firewalls and generally speaking network devices should be handled with care. Having a network means entry points – physical plugs or wireless network – and security issues.


How secure is your company’s network? How long would it take from someone out of your office to break in? How long would it take to a visitor to access your critical data? We assess your company’s network security, and provide solution to improve it. Installation of routers with integrated firewall, secure WiFi network, we find and adapt solutions that will fit your security needs. Securing a network means preventing intruders from entering it, and also making sure authorised users are granted the right data access.

Network Monitoring Service

Smerwick On Site engineers can monitor your network activity – for both LAN and WAN. In an event of a WAN outage, we determine if the problem comes from your company’s hardware or your ISP infrastructure, and escalate the issue if needed. We keep in our office spare routers ready to run for testing and emergency replacement. Smerwick On Site engineers perform simple diagnostic and troubleshooting to identify the source of a problem and find a quick solution.

Firewall Setup and Maintenance

A firewall can greatly reduce risks of viruses and intrusion on your network. They can limit PCs access to the Internet, or usage of applications such as Instant Messengers. Firewalls can be hardware based – internal component of a router, or software based, running on a dedicated server. Smerwick On Site engineers will ensure the installation and setup of your firewall, as well as its maintenance.

Internet and Router setup

Choosing the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) then the right data plan can be a real trouble. Our fifteen years experience in Taiwan will help you make the right choice. Whether your company is using an ADSL or an optic fiber modem to get connected to Internet, these items are always delivered “as is” by local Taiwan Internet Service Providers. Smerwick On Site can help you find, purchase and install a router, which will allow every PC in your organization to access the Internet securely. Routers usually are inexpensive hardware. They can add WiFi capabilities to your internal network, allowing your visitors to easily access Internet from your office. Smerwick On Site engineers, when deploying WiFi networks, will ensure your network remains secure, by using encryption features available with your router.

Virtual Private Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to securely link 2 or more remote / distant sites or offices. It can also be used to allow an easy access to your office data from virtually anywhere. Additionally, for people often traveling to China, VPN is the guarantee to access your corporate resources such as email servers, or Internet resources such as search engines or banned web sites.

WiFi Setup and Management

WiFi (Wireless) networks are attractive as they offer a lot of flexibility. No more cables, you can use your PC anywhere in the company: in your office, in the meeting room, in the showroom. They also offer an instant Internet access to your visitors. But WiFi networks coverage won’t stop at your office doors: they have to be secured. We will ensure when installing or diagnosing a WiFi router that the proper level of security is setup, to maximize your data security.

Ethernet Network Management

Companies don’t move often, so when it’s time to lay a new network, it’s never easy to find the right service provider. Smerwick On Site has been working with reliable partners for several years. A complete cabled network can be designed and setup within one week. For further information about IT Network Management, please contact us.