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Looking for something else or special services?! Come in.

In case for your needs, we provide some more services to meet your expectations.

Web Design

A sucessful web design may be thought of a good online marketing. We can approach your company’s need and bring your website to the next level. For further more assistant we also have partners that may meet your match and easy to work with. This service may save your value of time and satisfy the desire of your website quality.

Domain Name Purchasing

What’s the best domain name to choose for your company? Selecting the right name for you website is important when starting you business as a corporate identity. So when a customer visit your website, your domain name should be related to your trading name. Also, the search engines rank your site with keywords in the domain name higher than those without. And what’s more? There can only be one of each domain name, so you’d better purchase your domain name before someone else does.

The domain name we provide are top domain, such as .com, .net, .tw and DNS service.

E-mail Hosting

Email hosting is the perfect email solution for your company! This service would eventually include unlimited E-mail accounts, E-mail following support, Auto-responder support, Anti Spam/ Anti-Threat, signature with logo, web mail access and so on.

Web Hosting Service

We provide temporary web hosting support for you company, help you find the right package and solution. We have experience and partnership that you can rely on.

Network Cabling

We have great experience and partners that can ensure a high quality and proper maintenance. Installing your computer and communication network can be a big investment, we will assure that the cabling installation is done properly for your company.

To know more about our services, please contact us.