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Benefit Assessing
Cost Down
Benefit Assessing

By using our services, we can provide your company numerous advantages:

– Multilingual / pluricultural team to serve you
We work in three different languages (Chinese, English and French)
– 24 hrs support through remote connection
We use Remote Control software to access to your severs and/or workstations,
to address most common problems and help you solve these as fast as possible.
– Free PC / NB / SERVER Backup Service – your data security is our priority
– 24/7 support via IM, email and phone
– Free Monthly activity report, Audit Report when using our Maintenance contract.
– Free Newsletter to let you know about latest IT news.
Services Smerwick On Site A Company B Company
Full day service: 365 days, 24/7 Unsure
2 to 4 hours response time
8 hours
Online technical support
E-mail technical support
Phone technical support
Server Maintenance Cooperate with another company Cooperate with another company
Internet marketing service
On going auditing and consulting 1 per month
Provide free PC/ MAC/NB/SERVER backup Only PC
Provide IT audit
Monthly maintenance report
Engineering attitude and ethic We are professionals and assure not to reveal any of your company’s information
Free newsletter and blog
Support via remote access
Cost Down

How do we Cost Down for your company?

The following chart compares two scenario :
– Left column: you outsource your IT to Smerwick On Site;
– Right column: you hire people in your company to take care of everything related to IT.
In both case, we suppose your company is using 20 computers.

For each scenario, we try and estimate how much IT suport and developpment cost to your company.
The figures shown on the left side “Smerwick On Site” are based on average spending from our customers throughout 2013.

Smerwick On Site Enterprise IT Department
Salary NA NT$40.000/month/engineer+ labour health insurance= NT$480.000/year/engineer *
Engineers Turnover / Replacement NA Company has to manage HR, insuring knowledge is passed over.
Training on highly technical question, out of engineer’s knowledge. No additional cost Additional cost for training, or assistance for outsourcing.
Human Resources No additional cost IT Team Management
Software Maintenance Included in services Included in job position
Hardware Maintenance Included in services Included in job position
Hardware / Software Purchase Volume prices Small quantities = high price
IT Security Management Included in services Included in job position
Integrate new elements in existing IT infrastructure Provide professional consultants Possible lack of experience / expertise
IT Management Included in services Included in job position
Service Time 24/7, 365 days / year Only during working hours
Average Monthly cost NT$12.000/month ** NT$30~40.000/month
Operating cost per year About NT$144.000 Above NT$500.000
For companies having an average of 20 PCs + 1 server, more than NT$20.000 per month can be saved using our services.
* Benchmark: according to I Thome Taiwan IT 2000 report, IT Dpt. = 13.8 people in average.

** Average maintenance contract cost for 20 computers.